Thesis on relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty

The existing literature on electronic retailing does not explain the differences in loyalty across product and service categories. As shopping for groceries is generally an activity repeated at regular time intervals, consumers' behaviours is likely to be very different when purchasing goods and services which are only needed occasionally. Due to the frequency of grocery purchase, a relationship is likely to be developed between customers and the retailer.

Service quality of sports centers and customer loyalty

Whilst perceived service quality and customer satisfaction have been recognised as antecedents of customer loyalty in previous studies, it is not understood whether RQ adds any additional effect over the traditional measure such as perceived service quality and customer satisfaction in determining loyalty in Internet grocery shopping. Therefore, this study attempts to address this research gap by incorporating a RQ perspective, as well as customer satisfaction and perceived service quality. Building on an extensive literature review, RQ is conceptualised and examined for its theoretical applicability via an initial qualitative study, followed by a quantitative phase using structural equation modelling analysis with the data collected by an esurvey of Internet grocery shoppers.

This research contributes to knowledge in several ways.

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Most importantly, it illustrates the roles of E-CRM features in enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction at different stage of transaction cycle. In particular, this research highlight the critical dimensions of service quality, which managers in the banking sector should invest in their customer satisfaction strategies. The effect of electronic customer relationship on customer satisfaction a study in web banking in Saudi Arabia.

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Accept H2. Reject H3. Reject H4. Reject H5. Reject H6. Reject H7. This study apart from the results of the survey data, the analysis result of depth interview was also obtained from the retail customers regarding sales and cement products they sell. The retail customers have a role to provide advice to final customers in selecting cement products, but most of the final customers that they are facing have chosen their own demand for cement with a particular brand and the influence given by retail customers is less addressed.

Final customers are strict enough in choosing a cement brand. They also have their own perception on the cement brands they choose either from the perception of quality of the product until the price given by the store. This study also obtained an interesting fact that cement XYZ, the management of final customers are not faced directly by producers but by cement distributor. This has resulted in policies regarding service quality, which the role is fully held by the distributors.

The role of the distributors of cement XYZ to the final customers is more dominant than the producers themselves, so that the perception of service quality perceived by retail customers is generally performed by the distributors of cement, especially in cement XYZ. Managerial implication derived from this research that should be done by the cement production companies in order to increase the positive attitude of retail customers, which is concluded from the results in Figure 7 are grouped based on the approach to the marketing mix that can be seen in Table 5.

Table 5. Managerial implication based on the total analysis of cement brands. Marketing mix. Managerial Implication. Perception of production quality affects significantly on customer attitude H1. Consistency in the quality of the cement which is produced. Perception of production quality affects significantly on the sale volume H2. Consistency for the colour of cement which is convincing the customers and also the superiority in terms of the texture of the cement produt produced. Consistency in terms of the quality of cement is appropriate with indonesia national standards consistent in the certification achievement as well as the superiority compared with other cement brands.

The results of this study indicate that factors that influence the attitude of retail customers from the three variables tested; there is only one variable which dominantly influences the attitude of retail customers, which is the perception of the product quality. This study provides information that the higher the quality of the cement product received by retail customers, the more positive retail customers attitude towards the cement brand. Indicator which is dominant in its contribution to the perception of product quality is the characteristic of core product and the suitability with the specifications.

These two indicators could be a suggestion to the cement producers to enhance the positive attitude of retail customers. The results also show that the perception of product quality also affects sale volume significantly, the greater the perception of the quality of cement products, the greater the volume of sales generated by the retail customers.

It could also be as a suggestion for cement producers in terms of consistency of maintaining and improving the quality of cement products and give the perception of the quality of cement product more intensively. However, the further research can look for variables that affect the sale volume because in this research, variable that is influential is only the perception of the product quality.

The attitude of the final customer is suggested to be studied because from this research, the retail customer attitude does not significantly affect the sale volume of cement. International business management , v.

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Relationship quality and customer loyalty in internet grocery shopping in the UK

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Relationship quality and customer loyalty in internet grocery shopping in the UK

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