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What is the significance of the title "Heroes", written by Robert Cormier?

Cormier uses vivid and explicit descriptions to describe the unfortunate state of Francis to the reader early on; ". Oh, I have eyes… but no. The reader can also relate to an unjust and unfair life through Francis risking his life to save others at such a young age and yet as a reward, returning to his hometown with a permanently repulsive deformity. Francis is on a revenge mission to hunt down the malevolent and depraved Larry LaSalle, who is also a war veteran but responsible for the rape of Nicole Renard, his childhood sweetheart.

Francis reveals that he is shy and unconfident when trying to spark a conversation with Nicole in the earlier parts of the novel - "was the look that passed between us that first day a wish of my imagination? It is therefore perhaps somewhat understandable for Francis to have been reluctant, scared and maybe too innocent to intervene in the terrible event which sees Nicole get sexually abused in the 'Wreck Centre' by LaSalle and it is through this incident and the aftermath which Cormier depicts the clear unfairness of Francis' life.

The guilt of letting this happen to Nicole which compels Francis to enlist in the army, as though he feels he owes his life to society as a result of allowing an innocent girl to be so cruelly violated. Larry saves the lives of his platoon but he damages the lives of the children he preys upon. Can an action be good or heroic if the motivation behind it is evil?

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Does an action that saves lives or makes lives better outweigh other actions or a lifestyle that damages others? Cormier makes it clear who he thinks the real heroes are. I, for one, think that a hero can be flawed, as all human beings are flawed. Being afraid does not make you a coward; staying and facing whatever it is that makes you afraid might should?

Saving lives by putting yourself at risk may well be heroic but preying on children is not. How does Robert comier portray the character of francis at the start of the novel? Any help would be great. Hi Mrs C Johnston, could you please help. I have an assessment next week. The question we will be asked is like this. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you. You might find the essay on the dark side of human nature at the top of this page the most useful.

Please help exam question — explore the ways in which cormier challenges the notion of heroism through the presentation of the two central characters?

To what extent are the characters in "Heroes" by Robert Cormier true heroes and heroic?

If you break down the task it is not so daunting. Who or what is a hero? Francis and Larry are both awarded the Silver Star for acts of bravery. Their actions save other soldiers. Surely we cannot still see him as a hero? Francis, on the other hand, claims to have thrown himself on the grenade to kill himself.

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This raises the question of whether this was in fact an act of cowardice. Francis is only fifteen when Nicole is attacked by Larry; he has no parents and only an uncle who is kindly but not the sort of person you could go to in times of trouble. Francis tries to speak to Nicole to explain himself but is sent away by her. The writer makes it clear that he believes the real heroes to be those like Arthur Rivier who were afraid but fought nonetheless and then came home and quietly got on with their lives. Look at the chapter where Arthur is drunk and at the last chapter.

Can we really consider him to be a hero in any sense of the word? Hope this helps you think about how to tackle the task. If you look at the chapter where Francis goes to see Larry with the intention of killing him you will find your answer to the first part.

Larry does not feel any remorse for what he has done to Nicole and to Francis and to all the other young people who trusted and looked up to him. All he feels is self pity because no one will ever look up to him again; the war has damaged his health and he will never dance again or impress the young and vulnerable.

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He does not kill himself to put things right or out of guilt. Hello, the are some very helpful points!! Mrs C Johnston, can we say that the war changed everyone and everything around Francis but he remained as his old 13 year old self? I would not say that at all. Of course Francis has been changed by the war.

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However, he has also been mentally scarred by the war. Look at where he talks about reciting the names of the young men in his platoon before he goes to sleep and of the dream he has every night. What are the main themes in the novel heroes? You will find lots of information on themes and potential essay questions if you scroll through the comments and replies on this page. In my York Notes revision guide it says that you should comment upon the language used in the episodes centered around her and that you will notice that the vocabulary is softer and gentler than in other parts of the novel.

Any ideas? If you scroll down the comments and replies, you will find some info on how to tackle this question. Emma, The best way to check the truth of this statement about Nicole is to go through the novel and look at what she says. This does not take as much time as you might think as, until the second last chapter, she does not actually say all that much. She visits Marie and he is sitting on the banister reading, thinking that he might be able to be a writer like Hemingway which is significant.

She might be teasing him but it is gentle; she shows that she knows his name; she also shows concern for his safety. You play table tennis like a dancer dances. She invites him to the party she is having after the show. Nicole is the one who shares his interest in books and films but, more importantly, she is the one who encourages him, both when they are fifteen and at the end of the novel, to write a book.

Later at the convent school she is considering becoming a teacher — both of these jobs show her desire to help others. This is enough to let him know that she disapproves of his remark without her making a big deal of it.

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When they meet for the last time, Nicole asks how he is and about his face. Because you were part of the good times, Francis.

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Maybe you can find the answer that way. Be whatever will make you happy. She wants him to do whatever will make him happy. Firstly, thank you so much because these tips have really helped me. How would I go about writing this? I personally did not think the ending was satisfying, but how would I justify my opinion and incorporate context into this essay? Thank you! I have an exam on this topic soon and was wondering if you could help on this question How were war heroes treated.

This is a rather strange question but you should look at the part of the novel where Francis is in the St Jude Club and the Strangler brings out his scrapbook.