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Yolen enlightens and inspires responders through the use of structure, language and other techniques.

Briar Rose Essay

The novel Briar Rose by Jane Yolen is a heart wrenching story of sleeping beauty intertwined with the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust. The structure of the novel is altered in a way to interweave three stories including Gemma's Briar Rose fairy tale, Becca's quest and Josef's story.

The use of language techniques explores the idea of the characters as it gives an understanding of their circumstances…. Jane Yolen uses many forms and techniques to convey distinctive ideas about the Holocaust, humanity and the power of storytelling. This novel is one that needs to be clearly understood to grasp the true meaning of the story. Yolen uses what could be called a radical structure to get the reader involved with the quest to find out the real history of Briar Rose.

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Jane Yolen has structured the novel in such a way that it combines the innocence of a fairy tale with the harsh reality of the Holocaust…. Jane Yolen uses fairytale conventions as an allegory to portray her version to the Holocaust. Fairytales original purpose was to teach people about morals and lessons regarding powerful emotions like: greed, hate, envy, and jealousy.

The Briar Rose story is an allegory for the…. Essays Essays FlashCards. It is wisdom perfected and distilled as it looped through the centuries and became expressed unconsciously as metaphor. It is a story that cultivates awareness of the elemental archetypes and allegories without requiring the vocabulary.

This section of the story is set near Chelmno, Poland, the actual site of a former castle-turned-extermination camp. It was here that a youthful Gemma was gassed and dumped into a mass grave. Briar Rose also clearly extols the third function: the therapeutic merits of fairy tales. However, it is the fourth and most important function that Yolen discusses at length throughout several essays in Touch Magic: fairy tales and lore as the distillate of the passed-down stories, crystallized into a framework for living, expressed unconsciously through metaphor. And metaphor is the language, the heart, of Briar Rose.

These images are the core of Briar Rose.

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Like storytellers before her, Gemma changed the tale to suit her purpose. This motif presents itself in Becca—she who listened with her heart was the one who truly heard. It is also true for this reader; this is a story whose images and symbols reappeared frequently in dreams and periods of near-wakefulness, sometimes gently and other times jarringly, spawning its wisdom.

Yolen says:. Storytelling is our oldest form of remembering the promises we have made to one another and to our various gods, and the promises given in return; it is a way of recording our human emotions and desires and taboos. Further, the best new stories have something serious to say about the writer and his or her particular world. All writers write about themselves, just as the old storytellers chose to tell stories that spoke to and about themselves.

They call it the world, but it is themselves they portray. The world of which they write is like a mirror that reflects the inside of their hearts, often more truly than they know. This is certainly the core of Briar Rose though it is hardly a nursery tale : Peace cannot exist until the dark shadows have been exposed and stripped of their power. Readers observe Becca occasionally feeling that startling recognition as her grandmother spins her twisted Sleeping Beauty tale.

And this is a loss for the adult reader, too. Gemma certainly did not shield her young listeners from the shadows—although she never fully revealed their nature to her listeners or herself —and that was the pull that kept Becca wanting more.

Yolen reminds us in Touch Magic:. Look back into folklore and legend, myth and religion, and you will find much of the emphasis is on the shadow. A shadowless man is a monster, a devil, a thing of evil. A man without a shadow is soulless. A shadow without a man is a pitiable shred. Yet together, light and dark, they make a whole. As does Gemma illumine ours. Only very special fathers have the ability to integrate the two sides, and only very special children can actually see that integration. Mother and stepmother, godmother and witch, hero and villain, over and over the contrapuntal dance goes on.

And so the children in their turn become dragons—and dragon-slayers.

The Devil's Arithmetic Briar Rose

It is clear that Becca is one of those rare children who can integrate the shadow and light and accept the dark side of her grandmother. Here Yolen is describing herself as a young girl, and, interestingly, perfectly describing the child Becca, as well. Yolen next proceeds to disclose the magic of the storyteller:. Each storyteller has the ability to select [. The storyteller is an artist, and selection is essential to art. There are thousands upon thousands of characters, thousands upon thousands of details, thousands upon thousands of motifs. When ideas of the war are revealed, the audience contrasts the images Gemma had portrayed.

Yolen has also juxtaposed the imagery of a happy household in modern times to the imagery of the Holocaust. Here he tells us how he has gone into the pits of hell to rescue her from the grave of dead bodies, where he breathes life into her. The repetition of these key motifs reinforces the message of the novel. The themes of human resilience and remembrance is incorporated through Joseph. In his tale, the members of the Jewish partisans tell stories to each other.

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In doing so, the people can relive the story- Gemma has done this by repeatedly retelling the Sleeping Beauty story. The novel is divided in 4 sections. By doing this, it creates a feeling of suspense and drama, as we put the pieces of the puzzle together to create a story.