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Determine how Swift used pathos, logos, ethos in this satirical work, and what other techniques, irony, hyperbole, and metaphor, etc. You will be required to research something of the contemporary political situation concerning the colonized Irish under British rule.

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Tips and Further Information: Include a thesis statement in your opening paragraph, and a clear indication of where your paper is headed. Do not overlook the value of a catchy title! Please avoid general statements without back-up!! This exaggerated hyperbole, however, is a mockery of the heartless insensitivity of Ireland's wealthy and leadership toward the suffering of the poor.

By presenting this ridiculous proposal for consideration in the court of public opinion, Swift implies that the Irish policy and its leadership has failed miserably to take care of the country's poor citizens, to the extent of making the idea of killing children for food not only imaginable, but also probable under the circumstances. Swift builds his argument around the rhetorical techniques that involve appealing to people's emotions pathos , the power of logic logos , as well was ethos credibility to qualify himself as a reliable voice on the speaker. The way Swift applies these techniques shows that he is methodical in his approach.

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This is because he begins by appealing to people's sensitivities to engage them in the discourse. Through these satirical, yet logical, comments, he is proving his thesis that no one has had relevant ideas that could help solve the numerous social issues that have been crippling Ireland. Another way he uses satire to prove his point is when he is talking about how this system will actually help solve the issues of abortion and marriage.

He speaks about how this will decrease abortion rates because women will value their children as a source of income rather than a burden that will cost them more money that they do not have. This is obviously satirical because he is referring to those families like they are farm animals and not actual people. He is mocking how the rich see the poor as nothing more than animals crowding the streets. Swift also states that this plan will help lower the domestic abuse rates in Ireland. The plan would lower these rates because men will see their wives as a source of income and will do their best to care for them so that their babies will be plump and ready for sale.

Swift is being sarcastic of course. He does not actually see these people as animals or as a source of economic benefit.

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He does not really believe that the women should breed for money and that men will care for them better because they are no longer their wives but their income. He may be sarcastic with his ideas but at this point it is still difficult to tell.

Once again, he is stating all logical points that could actually solve the problems of Ireland while being cynical and sarcastic, all while proving his point that Ireland needs help. Swift speaks about the economic values of his plan as well. Did you find something inaccurate, misleading, abusive, or otherwise problematic in this essay example? Let us know!

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