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However, he or she should make sure that they respect the law, and they give the right evidence with being biased on relying too much on one side. Navran, F. Defining values, morals, and ethics.

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Retrieved June 7, , from www. Morals and values: Readings in theoretical and practical ethics. New York: Scribner. Grolier Educational Corporation.

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For every order placed at PremiumPapers. Psychology Research Paper. Academic Writing. A set of agreed rules and the code of conduct within an environment that openly states what is acceptable and what is not acceptable within a society is referred to as Morality. The concept of morality changes with time and situation, this can explain as killing murder is an immoral act but in the state of war or in a battlefield killing, murder is allowed, so it be said that morality is synced with ethics.

Morality addresses the queries related to ethics on the moral conclusion that can be derived from a situation or specific situations. By stating the code of conduct it conveys the acceptable and non acceptable action, behavior, system of belief, standards and social customs that is present in the society. Borade, There is a very minute difference between the two terms Morals and values. Both moral and values depict the behavior of the individual, many researchers has concluded that morality and values are parallel to each other.

Morals can be classified as the values that the person is born with. In a border term moral can be defined as the structure of beliefs that are taught to an individual so that he can have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong, decent and wicked, allowed and forbidden. It is upon the moral values that the person is judged in the society, because they are visible and are considered as the social value of the person. Moral character is very important for a person because it becomes his identity.

Similarly the moral or the social values are very important for the business, because it is because of their social responsibilities and image that the consumer decided their purchasing preferences. Everyone has heard a term immoral person or immoral business activities, but never heard of the term in imvalue person or invalid business because the person or business is judged by its moral activities not by the values. The major difference between the both terms moral and values is motivation.

Morality motivates the person to do good in life, encourage the person to lead a good life in all best possible manner, but values are within a person and completely depends on his own choice, values are instincts, perception or gut feeling within the person. The point of importance here is that morals are formed with the help of the values, so if the values do not exist than morals will also not exists.

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Values are earned, developed from the society, whereas morals are the system of beliefs. Manisha, By following the instruction, training and education of Prophet Mohammad SAW the lives of the people can be brightened with the help of good behaviors and right quality.

His teaching brightens the character and fills the empty spaces with good manner and righteous path. Islam very high rates the morality and Prophet Muhammad SAW at many places taught the people to have good and moral character. He said that the person with the good moral character will be valued very high on the Day of Judgment.

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Islam the religion of peace, it was Islam that removed the power of feelings and introduced the practice of forgiveness and absolution in society. Islam is a religion of peace and harmony and do not force people to do things, the best teaching of the moral values explains in depth, and if the person accept them with his heart and upon his will perform the righteous task, that is the best moral practice. When the person accepts the importance of morality and values, than his life and his business both prospers. For mankind the excellent guidelines are provided by Islam on the righteous task are in the form of the Holy Quran and the examples of Prophet Muhammad SAW teaching and practice.

In Islam Moral values give direction to Muslims to perform their activity that are beneficial for themselves as well as for their society. Islam describes, clarify the path that leads to goodness and happiness of Allah, and aims that all human behaviors, attributes and actions are performed in a way that has been communicated to them by the Lord.

Ethics is a complete subject and Business Ethics is its branch.

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Business Ethics is the study or reviewing of all the ethical rules and regulations, principles that should be followed within a commercial context so that no moral or ethical problem arises in the setting up of the business. In general it can be said that business ethics are the standards that define the principles within which the business should perform it activities Azmi.

Business Ethics was designed to make judgements about what is allowed in a business and what is not allowed for a business after a complete study of the norms and values of the society. In short or brief, a study that clearly states the right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable and fair and unfair in a business is called business ethics.

Moral Values

Islam the religion of peace and humanity, instruct and stress a lot on following the ethical values that are defined, and instruct that they should be followed in all the aspects of human life. H is full of examples of the norms and the code of ethical values. The Holy Quran Says:. You are the best nation that has been raised up for mankind; You enjoin right conduct, forbid evil and believe in Allah. The above verse clearly shows that how important is for a Muslim to follow the right path and stay away from the wrong path that will end up in a very tough punishment on the day of the Judgement.

Islam stresses a lot on following the moral values and business ethics. It says that sell the right and exactly the same thing to the buyer that has been promised to them. Islam says that if the pack says that it holds grams than exact grams should be given to the buyer, if it is less than there is a strict punishment for the person who do not sell honestly. The life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad P. H is full with examples of morality and business ethics. Due to his honesty and humble behavior people trusted him and followed him in the way he does the business and lived his life. The Holy Prophet Muhammad P.

H always requested and teach the sellers to do their business with honesty and according to the norms defined in the religion. Not just in business, Islam also says that the ethical and moral values should be followed in the daily life. If Muslims live according to the teaching of Islam, he will never face any loss or problem because Allah will protect his life and his business. Teaching and following the path that is explained by Allah and his Prophet P. H is not difficult, and if it is followed with full honesty and dedication than he will not only be successful in this world but also on the Day of judgement.

The company Ordinance of is being followed by the corporate sector of Pakistan. The introduction of the company law was important because the law clearly states the boundaries of the companies and prohibited the companies to get involved in businesses that are not allowed in Islam, because Pakistan was followed on the basis of Islam, and Muslims wanted a country where they can easily practice their religion according to the norms, ethics and values.

Companies Act is very old, it was the time of the Great Britian when they were the rulers of the sub-continent, they passed an Act called the Companies Act that had very important requirements that were required for the company administration to follow. They called this Act as the Companies Act of Later on after five years Companies Act of was passed in British India. When Pakistan came at the world map on August 14, , they adopted the same Companies Act of because at that time everything was new and it was just a beginning for Pakistan. After 12 years in the Company Law Commission was set up, and they were given the duty to make companies law according to the modern time.

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In , the Company Law Commission published its report and finally the Companies Ordinance of replaced the old Company Act of Admin, The main purpose was to combine the laws that are associated with certain associations and companies. Company Ordinance another important purpose was to make sure that the corporate sector of Pakistan has a growth and new business opportunity are explored.

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