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Draw a contrast between divorce in several countries, or examine the age and education of people who divorce more often. Then underline the cause you consider to be the most truthful one. You can also provide your own theory on the grounds for divorces in your persuasive essay on divorce. The key point is to prove the accuracy of your statement.

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If there is a problem, there must be some solution. So, think of the possible ways to solve this problem. Investigate divorce causes from a scientific point of view. Examine the primary studies on divorce that reveal why people actually break up. Also discuss the precautions that can help married couples avoid conflict.

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A divorce causes psychological problems for children, which you can classify in your paper. This situation is especially related to abusive marriages or those with regular cheating. In these cases, the positive effects of divorce may seem easy to understand.

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However, psychologists have to make great efforts to persuade people to end their relationships. Write a paper making this same argument. By the way, you can use the information provided in your persuasive essay on divorce for writing a love essay. Here are a few more types of essays you can consider:. Whether it concerns old parents or a young couple, divorce typically has the same causes and effects. You can often see them clearly, even in books or movies.

When it comes to divorce, there are many disputable topics—for example, the reasons people divorce or the impact of divorce on children. If your assignment is to write a family essay, you can choose from a wide range of topics. For this purpose, a marriage essay or a divorce essay would be perfect.

As you know, both the negative and positive effects of divorce are disputable, making them an appealing topic to discuss. There are a lot of recent studies and relevant statistical data on divorce to help you with writing such an essay.

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Today, my mother has been married to my stepdad for about six years and my father is going to marry his fiancee soon. I currently have my own car, and I am still able to divide my remaining time as a teenager and high school student evenly with my parents. The best advice I can give to someone whose parents may be divorcing is to not assume the worst.

Sometimes things work out for the better, and when your parents are happy, your home life is happier too. The bottom line is that parents want to see their children happy, as well, and it is hard to raise a happy child if you are not happy yourself. Even though you may have the hassle of two households, the most important thing is being loved and loving your family. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and you never know when things might change.

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Our Network. Men were considered as bread winners and therefore, their women were bound to rely on them financially. Women have started attaining equality with their men by educating themselves and putting effort in social activities. The probabilities of both the genders have equal chances and opportunities to earn a healthy living if they are qualified. With a fast running life, couples tend to get married at their convenience without understanding or knowing their partners. The feeling of being passionately involved in one another flies the instance a difficult situation strikes in their life.

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Small skirmishes or quarrels leads to the weakening of bonds between two people. Adults start distracting their minds towards other male or female.

Burdening people with unlimited work is also one of the causes of divorces. The rapid development in technology makes certain jobs done productively and effectively by machines rather than labor work.

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Losing their source of income mounts high tensions between spouses. Exhaustion and tiredness in work prevents a couple to maintain a balanced and colorful life. At this point in time, conflicts become very frequent. When endurance reaches climax , it becomes hard to secure matrimony. Therefore, divorce is what comes as a solution.

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